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The programs allow you to formulate a over 50 different product types for the face, hair and body including make up and organic versions. Select from over 500 different ingredients - most of them natural! We constantly update our programs with the latest ingredients and actives available. See the list of product forms and  ingredients you can choose from: 


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The Create Cosmetic Formulas program has been developed to help you make your own cosmetic formulas even if you've never formulated before, right through to those wanting more confidence when selecting cosmetic ingredients. It also tells you the right inputs to use and how to put your ingredient choices together. 

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Stop wasting


Tired of wasting your ingredients when your formulas don't work? With Create Cosmetic Formulas you can stop wasting ingredients - every formula works! The program has been developed and tested by Belinda Carli, Cosmetic Chemist and Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science. She's made sure the program will guide your selections and methods so that your formulas will work, every single time. 



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Safe & effective  formulation 

The program has been built to make sure you can only choose ingredients that will work well, be safe and effective when formulated together. It also has built-in safeguards from using incompatible or too much of an ingredient. We have pre-set the amount of each material so you can never use too much, or too little.



More than just a calculator! 

It's not just a cosmetic calculator, where you need to know what to pick and how much to use. Each program helps you make cosmetic formulas when you don't know which ingredients are necessary, but you do know what you want to use -  and what you want to avoid!



Make your

own formulas 

Because you are creating the cosmetic formula, the formulas you create are your own! That's right, all your cosmetic formulations created with this program are your Intellectual Property. You can even use them to build your own cosmetic brand!



Create organic and natural products 

With a big emphasis on using natural, sustainable ingredients, these programs help you create very natural formulas if that is what you are want to do! If you would like to formulate organic products that meet COSMOS Organic certification standards, please select our organic version to make organic formulas easily!



Follow the step by steps instructions

These programs not only help you select the right types and inputs of a huge variety of cosmetic ingredients, they also create the method for you, specific to the ingredients you have chosen, so making cosmetics has never been easier or more reliable. 

Create Cosmetic Formulas lets you pick and choose the cosmetic ingredients you want to use, avoid the ones you don't, then puts the cosmetic formulas together in a step-by-step method for you.

Make cosmetic formulas

Just $99 AUD/year subscription PER PROGRAM – unlimited access – unlimited cosmetic formula creation

What cosmetic formulas can you make?

Make makeup formulas

lip gloss ♦ lip stick ♦ eyeshadow ♦ liquid foundation ♦ powder foundation ♦ eyelinermascarablush ♦ concealer ♦ highlighters ♦ contourers

see a full list here

Make skin care and hair care formulas

mists ♦ toners ♦ masks ♦ gels ♦ serums ♦ creams ♦ lotions ♦ butters ♦ creme cleansers ♦ foaming cleansers ♦ scrubs ♦ body wash ♦ balms ♦ shampoo ♦ conditioner

see a full list here


Make organic formulas

mists ♦ toners ♦ masks ♦ gels ♦ serums ♦ creams ♦ lotions ♦ butters ♦ creme cleansers ♦ foaming cleansers ♦ scrubs ♦ body wash ♦ balms ♦ shampoo ♦ conditioner

see a full list here


Amazing program
This is very useful and interesting program. I use it frequently, with joy and confidence. It helps me a lot, saves...
Jelena Simic

Great formulation assistant...
I started using the program about 10 months ago and loved it. It’s very easy to use and I have learned so much from it.
Kate N.

Excellent programme very easy...
Excellent programme very easy to use.Great results. I would definately recommend any one who is...
Cheryl Pang


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