Make your own Cosmetic Formulas

Not sure what preservatives will work when making cosmetics formulas, or how much you need?

Not sure about your emulsifiers, surfactants, gums or oil choices?

Want to make sure you're using active, safe cosmetic ingredients to get the best results?

Not sure how to put your formulas together when making cosmetics?


It's not a cosmetic calculator, where you need to know what to pick and how much to use.

It's a program to help you make cosmetic formulas when you don't know which ingredients are necessary, but you do know what you want to use... and what you want to avoid!

No experience necessary - Create Cosmetic Formulas lets you pick and choose the cosmetic ingredients you want to use,

avoid the ones you don't, then puts the cosmetic formulas together the right way for you.

Get making cosmetics using your own formulas - TODAY!


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Make cosmetic formulas

Just $99 AUD/year subscription – unlimited access – unlimited cosmetic formula creation

See a full list of cosmetic formulas you can make, and ingredients contained in this program, here: Product and Ingredient list.

Mists  · Toners ·  Gels  · Serums

Lotions ·  Gel-Cremes  · Creams  · Butters

Balms ·  Ointments  · Exfoliants

Crème Cleansers ·  Face Wash · Body Wash

Shampoos · Conditioners

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