How to make cosmetic formulas

Making cosmetics is a fun and rewarding experience - if you know how to make cosmetic formulas! With create cosmetic formulas, you don't need to know the why or how of selecting cosmetic ingredients, because the program helps you do this. Even more importantly, the create cosmetic formulas program then gives you step-by-step instructions on how to put your cosmetic formulas together based on the cosmetic ingredients you have selected.

Just follow the instructions - written just like a cosmetic recipe - and you'll be able to make your own cosmetic products. 


Stop wasting cosmetic ingredients, because every formula works with the create cosmetic formulas program!


make skin care formulas

Make skincare and hair care formulas

Do you want to pick and choose the cosmetic ingredients your skincare and hair care products contain? Want to focus on mostly natural – or all natural – cosmetic ingredients? Want to create skincare and hair care formulas to suit you, your family or cosmetic business? This program contains over 30 different skincare and hair care formulation types: from gels and serums to lotions, creams, butters and balms; from face and hand cleansers to shampoos and conditioners. With a big emphasis on natural cosmetic ingredients as well as high-end active cosmetic ingredients for cosmeceutical and professional skincare and hair care formulas, this program will have you formulating cosmetics like a pro from your very first cosmetic formula creation!

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make-up formulas

Make makeup formulas

Do you want to make your own makeup formulas but don’t know how? The create cosmetic formulas program does it all for you – including guiding you on making the right colour selections to suit everyone, from the very fair, tanned and even African-Caribbean skin tones. With over 21 different makeup products you can create; from foundations (mineral powders, water based, long wearing and crème) to concealers, highlighting and contouring mineral powders and sticks, mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks and lipgloss, it’s got everything you need to formulate your own makeup, or formulate makeup for a small brand. Make makeup formulas for yourself, family or small business using mostly natural – or all natural – cosmetic ingredients. Pick and choose your makeup ingredients and the program will create the makeup formula for you! 

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make organic skincare formulas

Make organic formulas

Do you want to make organic skin care and hair care formulas and have them certified organic by COSMOS? Did you know that to have certified organic skin care and hair care, you can only use suitable organic, natural or approved cosmetic ingredients, and the formula itself has to meet specific organic compositional requirements? Maybe you’ve tried to understand the COSMOS organic formulation rules but have struggled with these limits? This program is for you! With 28 different skin care and hair care product types – all created to meet COSMOS certification requirements – this program helps you pick and choose the cosmetic ingredients you want to use and make your skin care and hair care formulas suitable for COSMOS organic certification.

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