Make Cosmetic Formulas – quickly, easily, with confidence

The Create Cosmetic Formulas program has been developed to help those just starting out, and those wanting more confidence, to select cosmetic ingredients, and to get making skincare and hair care products, easily. With a big emphasis on making natural skincare and hair care products, this program not only helps you select cosmetic ingredients, but also helps create the method for you, so making cosmetics has never been easier or more reliable.

Even if you’ve been making skincare and hair care products for a few years, if you’ve attended workshops or are mostly self-taught, the Create Cosmetic Formulas program will take the guess work out of safe cosmetic ingredient selections. The program has been built to make sure critical elements of cosmetic formula expiry dates, safety, performance, and ingredient compatibility are taken care of while you focus on the ingredients you want your cosmetic formulas to contain (or avoid).

This program also understands the processing needs of the cosmetic ingredients you select by making sure they are put together properly, so making cosmetics has never been easier. Make cosmetic formulas with confidence with a Create Cosmetic Formulas subscription. One low annual fee and limitless possibilities of Cosmetic Formulas to get making cosmetics!



It's not a cosmetic calculator - it's so much more!

Cosmetic calculators require you to know which ingredients you need when making cosmetics, and approximately how much you need to use. This program has been developed to guide you in choosing which ingredients you want your cosmetic formulas to contain (while enabling you to avoid the ones you don't!), and also guides you in how much to use. Making cosmetics DIY is easy, with good results everytime, using this program.

New to making cosmetics? No problem!

Here’s some videos to show you how to make cosmetic formulas, and then put the formulas together. Watch how easily the Create Cosmetic Formula program builds the formula and method for you based on the cosmetic ingredients you select.

Simply enter the key ingredients you want your formula to contain, avoid the ones you don’t, and the program writes up the steps to put your cosmetic product together!

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Who is behind Create Cosmetic Formulas?

Belinda Carli is the Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science and recognised as one of the world’s leading Cosmetic Chemists. Her work has been published in several publications in print and electronic forms and she is a regular presenter at International Cosmetic Exhibitions and events. Watch Belinda put together hundreds of different product formulas and provide valuable Product and Brand advice on the Institute’s YouTube Channel click here. Learn to formulate Professional from Belinda and her team by studying with the Institute of Personal Care Science, find out more here.

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