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Do you want to make your own makeup products? Get creative with colour, with the Create Cosmetic Formulas makeup program.



  • Want to make makeup formulas using all safe and naturally derived ingredients?
  • Want to choose what ingredients go into your makeup formulas (and avoid the ones you don’t?)
  • Love playing with colour cosmetics and makeup, and want to make your own?
  • Want to make sure you are using safe and suitable inputs of colourants in your makeup formulas?
  • Want to make sure your makeup is suitably preserved with a good shelf life?
  • Make sure your colour cosmetics and makeup works?
  • Want to make vegan or halal makeup as well?


Stop wasting ingredients – every formula works with the Create Cosmetic Formulas!


Get the ‘look’ you want from your make-up formulas, with easy, step-by-step instructions to put your colour cosmetics together right, every single time. Choose the ingredients your makeup contains, and avoid the ingredients you don’t want in there, easily, with the Create Cosmetic Formulas program.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get fancy with colour cosmetic formulas. We have created this program to suit everyone – even those with just basic equipment – so you can get making makeup formulas and products for yourself, friends or even a small cosmetic brand. 


For just $99AUD per annual subscription, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a variety of makeup formulas!
  • Pick and choose what cosmetic ingredients your makeup contains (including vegan and halal options)
  • Be guided on how much to use of each ingredient type including colourants, to match all skin tones, including the very fair through to African-Caribbean colours
  • Take the guess work out of the cosmetic formulas you create
  • Follow our step-by-step instructions to make perfect samples, every single time
  • Know the safe and suitable inputs of preservatives, actives and all other ingredients
  • Make your own makeup products, CONFIDENTLY.

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Watch how easy it is to get formulating –
and you can create your own formulas, this easily too!

With over 200 different ingredients to choose from, make good ingredient selections and be guided on how to put your formulas together, properly – for cosmetic formulation success!

To see a full list of ingredients you can choose from, as well as makeup formulas you can make, please refer to our Product and Ingredient list here.

Where can you purchase ingredients? Visit our worldwide supplier list here. 

TRIAL – RISK FREE – for 24 hours! Simply subscribe and test out the program – if it doesn’t solve your problems and give you the cosmetic formulation confidence you are looking for, email us within 24 hours for a full refund:

That’s how sure we are that you’ll love what this program can do for you!