Make skincare and hair care formulas

make skincare formulas

Do you want to make your own skincare and hair care formulas but not sure how? No problems, our create cosmetic formulas program guides you every step of the way, no experience or training necessary! Get creative, with the create cosmetic formulas skin and hair care program.



  • Completely new to cosmetic formulating, and want to get your cosmetic formulas and cosmetic ingredient selections right from the start? OR
  • Already formulating cosmetics or have attended cosmetic workshops, but still not sure how to choose cosmetic ingredients correctly, or confidently, to get the right skin feel, viscosity and shelf life out of your cosmetic formulas?


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  • Spent a lot of money on cosmetic ingredients and raw materials and been disappointed with your results?
  • Made skincare formulas and hair care formulas that haven’t worked out as planned?
  • Made skincare and hair care formulas that have separated or gone ‘off’?

Stop wasting cosmetic ingredients, because every formula works with the create cosmetic formulas program!


Do you:

  • Want to make cosmetic formulas using the right amount of preservative and antioxidant to protect them?
  • Want to make cosmetic ingredient choices and purchases to get your cosmetic formulas and samples right, with less waste?
  • Want to know how to put your cosmetic ingredients together using the right method, so your cosmetic formulas work?
  • Want to get great skin feel (or hair feel) and performance out of your skincare formulas and hair care formulas?


For just $99AUD per annual subscription, you’ll be able to:

  • Create almost limitless cosmetic formulas!
  • Pick and choose cosmetic ingredients for your cosmetic formulas
  • Be guided on how much to use of each cosmetic ingredient type
  • Take the guess work out of the cosmetic formulas you create
  • Follow our step-by-step instructions to make perfect product samples, every single time
  • Know the safe and suitable inputs of preservatives, actives and all other cosmetic ingredients
  • Make your own skin care and hair care formulas, and products, CONFIDENTLY.

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Watch how easy it is to get formulating skincare and hair care – and you can create your own formulas, this easily too!

With over 400 cosmetic ingredients to choose from, make confident cosmetic ingredient selections and be guided on how to put your formulas together, properly – for cosmetic formulation success!

To see a full list of cosmetic ingredients you can choose from, as well as hair and skin care product formulas you can make, please refer to our Product and Ingredient list here.

Where can you purchase ingredients? Visit our worldwide supplier list here. 

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