How to get making your own skin care, hair care and cosmetics at home

Are you new to formulating, and not sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve done some on-line workshops, but still have loads of unanswered questions.

Our Create Cosmetic Formulas program is perfect even if you’ve never formulated or done any sort of cosmetic science training before, because it lets you pick the ingredients you want to use in your products, and lets you avoid those you don’t plus it even puts the ingredients together in the right combinations and gives you a full formula and step-by-step instructions on how to put the product together.

It really is that simple! There are still some extra things you need to know, and questions you might have when you are getting started, so this blog is full of FREE information, just for you!




First things first…

Make sure you are confident in reading and writing your formulas. When formulating, everything needs to be measured by weight, in grams; and written by % input. If you’ve been using ounces, millilitres, drops or writing your formulas like recipes, it’s time to switch them to the correct format, even if you only plan to make products for yourself as a hobby. This is important to make sure that every batch of product you make is prepared properly, with the right inputs of important ingredients to stabilise them and ensure a safe shelf life (especially when using preservatives and actives, even the natural ones!)

Watch these videos which help explain how to correctly read and write your cosmetic formulas:

  • How to read a cosmetic formula - watch here
    • This is actually the first video in our Beginners Cosmetic Science workshop series, and is totally free
    • It also shows you how to put a basic mist formula together
    • It also shows you how to check and adjust pH toward the end
    • It also shows you how to make pH buffer solutions using citric acid and tromethamine toward the end
  • How to write a cosmetic formula watch here.
  • How to calculate larger batch size watch here.

Remember, the Create Cosmetic Formulas program writes the formula in the correct format for you; these videos will help you understand why formulas get written this way, and how to read the formulas the program creates for you.


How to put some basic formulas together…

These videos will show you some basic formulation methods. Remember, the Create Cosmetic Formulas program gives you step-by-step instructions to put your products together, so these videos show you how it’s done in the lab.

(we have over 200 different video topics on youtube, so please subscribe and visit our homepage to search for a topic – it may already be there!)


Some correct pH information…

pH is not relevant in products where there is no water, or water is not the continuous phase (like balms, ointments and w/o emulsions). This means you can’t check or adjust it in these types of products. You also can’t check or adjust pH in solid products like bars, but most of the time they are without water anyway, so it’s not relevant.

We get asked a lot of little questions about pH, so we have a few videos to help guide you in this area:

  • If you haven’t already watched it, please watch How to read a cosmetic formula watch here
    • It shows you how to check and adjust pH toward the end
    • It also shows you how to make pH buffer solutions using citric acid and tromethamine toward the end
  • How to check and adjust pH (shows pH test strips as well as a pH meter) watch here.
  • Should cosmetics be diluted to test pH watch here. 

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet suggesting most personal care formulas like creams, shampoos etc should be diluted to check pH – this is not correct – and the above video is important viewing if you have heard this or are confused on this aspect.

The Create Cosmetic Formulas program calculates what the pH of your formula should be, so you don’t need to make this decision, the program works out the best pH for your product and tells you what to do! You will however need to make sure you can adjust the final pH, using the methods shown in these videos.


What about the lab and equipment?

You don’t need advanced equipment or sterile lab space to get started. You only need some basic equipment, a clean kitchen space, and clean water supply (like demineralised water from a hardware store). We have some great videos that run through basic to advanced equipment, and show you what our lab space looks like (with some helpful tips for those without a dedicated lab) as well as how to clean your equipment effectively – even if you are using your kitchen at home!


What about expiry dates and preservatives?

These start to become more involved questions and answers, but we have some great overview videos for you.

  • Cosmetic expiry date and shelf life testing watch here. 
  • Cosmetic preservatives – an overview watch here. 


Where can I source ingredients?

We’ve got a video on this too, and a great website and Facebook group to get you started.


How about building a brand, ingredient lists and claims?

We’re glad you asked! Building a successful cosmetic brand is about 50% great product, and 50% effective marketing. You also need to make sure you comply with regulations to avoid potential issues as you grow. Here are some videos to get you started:

  • How to build a cosmetic brand - watch here
    • This is the first in our Build your own cosmetic brand series, and is totally FREE!
    • This first workshop gives you some great tips to get started and see if you want to purchase the full series
    • The full series comes with a free e-book, workbook booklet to complete and business plan template – essential if you want to start a brand
  • Get your ingredient list right watch here.
  • Cosmetic claims and evidence watch here.


Well, this list should keep you busy while you get started!

Subscribe to one of our Create Cosmetic Formulas programs to get making your own skin care, hair care and even make-up confidently – the program does the thinking for you and takes out all the guess work. Visit this page to subscribe to the right program to suit the products you want to get creating, today! 

Remember, if you want to learn more, we’ve got loads of workshops, Certificates and full College-level Diplomas to get you career-ready and solve all your formulation issues.

Just contact us: and we can help you find the best study to suit your formulation, regulatory and Brand building goals.


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