Want to create your own skin care line?

Ever wanted to have your own skin care line or cosmetics brand? This blog is for you! Whether it's to create something that doesn't exist yet, to create something BETTER than what is out there or just because you love cosmetics, this article takes you through some of the early considerations you need to make, if you ever want to make it!

There are several reasons why you may have a burning desire to create your own cosmetic brand. Maybe you:

  • Have a great idea for a cosmetic product that isn’t currently available
  • Want more certainty about the safety of cosmetic ingredients
  • Want more natural, sustainable cosmetic products
  • Are not happy with a cosmetic product that is currently on the market
  • Are not happy with the price cosmetics cost
  • Love cosmetics and want your own brand

While the cosmetics market is one of the most competitive markets out there, we see many small ‘indie’ and niche brands emerging, successfully, all the time. Its’ usually also the smaller and emerging brands that continue to drive innovation in the cosmetic market.

Tapping into the creative drive that propels cosmetic product innovation is something I love to nurture – but there are a couple of pitfalls some people don’t realise in the early stages, that I’d also like to help you avoid. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Don’t have a brand just to try and outdo the big guys on price – you’ll quickly find out their pricing is set for a reason, and is often hard to compete with if you want to build a successful cosmetic brand properly
  • Find a unique selling position – I speak to a lot of people with ideas for cosmetic products, including ingredients and claims, that are not permitted. For example, did you know that cosmetics can’t make claims to treat eczema, wounds or skin diseases? These are just some examples, but there are many more. If you want to create a cosmetic product that doesn’t already exist, there may be a reason why! Check your cosmetic claims and ingredients will be allowed first, and that it is different to everything else already available. If it doesn’t achieve both of these things, then continue your market research to find a unique (and compliant) selling position. This may mean refining your original idea, but could yield an even better and more exciting cosmetic product!
  • Be prepared to invest in marketing – you might love your cosmetic formula, your friends and family might love your cosmetics formula, but it takes much more than that to have a successful cosmetic brand! You could have the best cosmetic product in the world, but if not enough people know about it, it will flop in the market place. So, prepare an effective multi-stream media campaign, utilise social media and on-line platforms, and be prepared to invest time (and money) into building product awareness.
  • Own your formula from the start – invest in good Research & Development to own your formula from the start. Getting private label or modified private label is not the same as owning your formula, even though it may have your logo on the product label, it is not your formula. Private label can seem like a cheap option to get started, but you won’t have a unique selling position and you don’t own the Intellectual Property – which means you will have stunted cosmetic brand growth potential until you do! If you really want a successful brand, make sure it is your unique formula based on your unique concept from the start.
  • You can’t become a successful brand making cosmetic product at home – be prepared to put your time, effort and funds into your unique formula, marketing and brand management, and get your cosmetic product contract manufactured so its made right, quality checked and one less thing you need to worry about, while you focus on building the brand instead!
  • It’s not an overnight success solution – I speak with so many people that think having a successful cosmetic brand should be quick and easy; I mean, anyone can do it watching a few YouTube videos, having a good brain for business and a fantastic product idea, right? Wrong! Get the right learning to formulate cosmetics properly or get someone else to do it. Learn how to manage a cosmetic brand properly to avoid mistakes and issues you don’t even know about yet. Get your cosmetic products contract manufactured so you can be sure of quality and avoid recalls or putting your time into filling hundreds of empty bottles – trust me, your energy is better used elsewhere!

Always remember the great idea and passion that got you interested in having your own cosmetic brand in the first place! You might just need a few tweaks to HOW you’re going to do it, in order to help make sure you are successful. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your cosmetic concept on product shelves (and even more satisfying seeing it move sell off them!), but make sure you build your cosmetic brand right from the start, and keep your energy focussed on what you can do, and love the most, about your cosmetic brand ideas!

Belinda Carli

updated 11th June, 2018

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