Why natural cosmetic ingredients are a great addition to cosmetic formulas


It’s no surprise we see natural cosmetic ingredients mentioned in so many cosmetic products these days – cosmetic ingredient suppliers have been working hard on new and better ways to create their materials using natural and sustainable sources whilst ensuring great cosmetic formula and product results. Here are some ways to help you choose the best natural cosmetic ingredients for your next cosmetic formulas!


#1: Maximise your supplier choices for the best natural cosmetic ingredient choices

Even experts like the Cosmetic Chemists at the Institute of Personal Care Science need to source cosmetic ingredients from several different suppliers for every single formula – so please don’t expect to be able to source everything you need for your cosmetic formulas from just one supplier. It is unrealistic to rely on only one supplier and will just leave you feeling frustrated!
Instead, try these tips:

  • visit the websites of the cosmetic ingredient suppliers in your region and get to know who has which materials, and which quantities are best going to suit your needs
  • try to consolidate your orders with key suppliers to save on shipping fees and tracking deliveries
  • don’t be afraid to source a few specialty actives or ingredients from nearby overseas suppliers if they will boost the performance of your cosmetic formulation – the results (and product sales) will be worth it!

If you need help sourcing all types of cosmetic ingredients, including natural cosmetic ingredients, watch this video on how to source cosmetic ingredients and read this blog for cosmetic ingredient sourcing tips.

#2: Check performance or efficacy data specific to the natural cosmetic ingredient

Not all natural plant and herbal extracts are created equal – some are extracted using pressure, while others may involve ethanol, glycerin, oil or even heat. Each different extraction method will obtain different constituents from a plant, which may or may not boost the performance of your natural cosmetic formula.

Make sure your natural cosmetic ingredients will deliver on their promises by checking for efficacy or performance data with your supplier. This information should show you how much of the ingredient needs to be used to obtain the desired results. You can’t rely on the efficacy data from one supplier if you are going to purchase the natural ingredient from another – make sure the data you are using is specific to the supplier you will be purchasing from to avoid disappointment.


#3: Is the cosmetic ingredient as natural as you are hoping for?

The internet is full of information – and sadly, a fair bit is not the most reliable, especially when it comes to cosmetic ingredients. There are plenty of fantastic natural cosmetic ingredients out there, but there are also loads of cosmetic ingredients suggesting they are all natural when they are not.

Watch this video which goes through the most common culprits of misinformation – cosmetic ingredients that are not as natural as you think. There is nothing wrong with synthetic or partially synthetic cosmetic ingredients when used within regulatory limits – but there is everything wrong with claiming your cosmetic formula is all natural when it contains synthetic, partially natural or nature identical ingredients.

Luckily, there are so many all natural or all-naturally-derived cosmetic ingredients available to create outstanding natural cosmetic formulas – just make sure you check supplier information carefully so you are truthful with your product claims.

The Create Cosmetic Formulas program also helps you know when an ingredient is likely to be all natural, naturally derived or naturally derived with some synthetic components – check the ingredient descriptions when making your ingredient choices within the program, it lets you know how natural (or not) the ingredient is. Here is just one example of how simple the program makes choosing great natural cosmetic ingredients:


#4: Functional & structural choices: LOADS of natural cosmetic ingredient choices

There are so many great choices when it comes to all natural cosmetic functional ingredients. Functional ingredients are the cosmetic ingredients that support the function of a cosmetic product; for example, surfactants make a product foam and clean. A lot of surfactants have a small synthetic component to them – even cocamidopropyl betaine. Check processing methods carefully to be sure, or look for more natural choices like alkyl glucosides (for example, coco-glucoside) which is all naturally derived, and sodium cocoyl glutamate. Emollients (or lipids) provide conditioning benefits for the skin and hair – there are almost countless natural and organic oils for skin benefits, and just as many, if not more, naturally derived choices created by fractionating, hydrogenating or esterifying natural oils.

Structural ingredients are the cosmetic ingredients that contribute to the form of the cosmetic product and may also play a supportive role when it comes to shelf life. Common structural (and supportive) natural cosmetic ingredients include your emulsifiers and gums. There are loads of choices when it comes to naturally derived cosmetic emulsifiers, and most natural gums have gone through simple natural fermentation steps.

If you need help understanding what is truly natural and what is not, consider these workshops to help you pick and choose to suit different cosmetic formulation needs:


#5: Use unique natural cosmetic ingredient combinations in your marketing story

We often get asked: Can I start a cosmetic business with the formulas I make in the Create Cosmetic Formulas program? The short answer is: YES! Read this blog if you want to find out more.

Using natural cosmetic ingredients is very appealing to consumers, so make sure you market the benefits of them in your cosmetic formula! Make sure your label and claims are compliant with this Certificate program, and make sure you have a strong point of difference with the combination of natural cosmetic ingredients you have in your formula.

You can conduct market research with this Certificate program to determine how to stand out in the marketplace, and even how to build or start a cosmetic brand with this workshop series. One of the key elements needed: natural cosmetic ingredients! Let the Create Cosmetic Formulas program make it easy for you to make the right choices for best product, formulation and performance results.



What are you waiting for? Get creating GREAT natural cosmetic formulas with natural cosmetic ingredients with the Create Cosmetic Formulas program guiding you every step of the way. Get started today:

Happy formulating!