What’s so different about formulating with colour?

Apart from the obvious (the colour!), colour formulations need to stabilise a lot of powder and pigment beyond just being a stable formulation themselves.

If you have made general skin and hair care products before, you’ll notice these differences and how your formulas and methods need to be a little different to accommodate these extra stability needs.

If you’ve never made general skin and hair care products before, don’t panic, the Make Up version of our Create Cosmetic Formulas program will guide you on how to build your formulas correctly and incorporate colour effectively, but you will probably benefit from having a little basic hands on experience first from our Beginners workshops, which you can read more about here: https://personalcarescience.com.au/CosmeticScience/BeginnersCosmeticScienceWorkshops-469/

You don’t have to do these beginner workshops to use this program, but if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or having trouble making samples, this beginner workshop series will help you a lot – jumping straight into formulating with colour, if you’ve never made product before, is a bit like trying to run before you can walk. If you are feeling stuck with how to put formulas together, please complete that beginners workshop series and you’ll find your feet easier.

In this program, we have included colourants that you can get from small suppliers. Since different small suppliers call their colourants different names, we’ve included a description in the program of the colour we are referring to, so you can source that colourant, even when called a different name.

With your different foundations (and concealer) products, you will see ‘Skin colour blend’ as your only choice in the ‘mica and colourants’. To make sure you get the right coverage and colour for each formulation type, we have calculated the inputs of colourants you need to get various shades. There are 7 different shades you can create with this program, which suits just about every skin tone.

We even have additional brown, black and blue shades for eyeliners and mascaras, and with eyeshadows, you can create whatever colours you can get pigment for!

So what are you waiting for? Get creating!

Happy formulating!