How to make your own cosmetic formulas - the easy (and fun) way


If you have been wondering how to make cosmetic formulas, and how to choose safe cosmetic ingredients, then this is the program for you.

There are two ways to choose cosmetic ingredients correctly: one is to LEARN cosmetic science so you are confident of your selections - please visit Institute of Personal Care Science for professional cosmetic science learning...


Use the Create Cosmetic Formulas program, where cosmetic ingredient selection has been pre-loaded by Industry leading Cosmetic Chemist, Belinda Carli. This program takes the guesswork out of:

* what is a natural preservative for cosmetics

* how much preservative to use in cosmetics

* what is a natural emulsifier

* how to make cosmetic formulas

* what ingrediants go together with in-built safe guards to stop you from pairing up non-complementary ingredients. 

What is a natural preservative for cosmetics?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about what is a natural preservative for cosmetics. While there are some natural preservatives in cosmetics, most are 'nature identical', which means they are synthetic, but identical to what occurs in nature, including potassium sorbate, sorbic acid and sodium benzoate.

In the Create Cosmetic Formulas program, we are really honest with you about what is a natural preservative, and what is nature identical (synthetic), so you can choose a cosmetic preservative that is going to work, and suit your preference about how natural it is.

How much preservative to use in cosmetics?

If you use too little cosmetic preservative, it won't preserve your cosmetic formula effectively. If you use too much cosmetic preservative, even of a natural preservative, it can be irritating to users and even breach cosmetic regulations. So how do you make sure you get it right?

In the Create Cosmetic Formulas program, we have pre-set the amount of each material, so once you choose a preservative for cosmetics, we give you a very set range it should be used at, so you can never use too much, or too little. Select preservatives in cosmetics with confidence with the Create Cosmetic Formulas program.

What is a natural emulsifier?

An emulsifier is a material used in cosmetic creams and lotions to hold the oil and water phases together, to make a glossy looking cream. There are a lot of natural emulsifying agents you can choose from, and the Create Cosmetic Formulas program contains a list of natural emulsifiers you can choose from, depending on which natural emulsifiers you can source easily.

In the Create Cosmetic Formulas program, we have a list of natural emulsifiers included so you can make your selection easily - and once selected, the program even tells you how much to use based on the cosmetic formula and product type you are aiming to create. This progam shows you how to make cosmetic formulas easily - and how to select a natural emulsifier - so you get it right, every time.

Watch how easy it is, here:

How to make cosmetic formulas

Making cosmetics is a fun and rewarding experience - if you know how to make cosmetic formulas! With Create Cosmetic Formulas, you don't need to know the why or how to select cosmetic ingredients, because the program helps you do this, and then even more importantly, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make cosmetics based on the ingredients you select.

Just follow the instructions - written just like a cosmetic recipe - and you'll be able to make cosmetic products.

This program contains mostly natural and naturally derived cosmetic ingredients, so you can find out how to make natural skin care products, and natural hair care products, easily.